Argentine Costum: Top Five Alfajores

Alfajor de Chocolate

Alfajor de Chocolate

In its simple form argentina favourite delight is dulce de leche sandwiched between two biscuits, but these days, alfajores can be found in almost every possible combination of dulce de leche, chocolates, biscuits and more. See below which ones you have to try::

Cachafaz: Easily the most luxurious alfajor to be found at a kiosko, and by most counts the best alfajor ever

Jorgito: Sold in packs of six these alfajorcitos are a cheap option for those who are willing to share

Havanna: Café chain Havanna makes a killing selling its famed alfajores whose chocolates and dulce de leche variety packs are the go-to souvenirs to take home to friends and family

Milka: For chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, nothing beats the dozen of alfajor varieties made by chocolate brand milka; keep your eyes peeled for their distinctive purple package

Blanco y Negro: These double-decker alfajor drenched in dark or white chocolate are formidable towers of sweetness, perfect to accompany a bitter shot of espresso

Alfajor Havanna


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