The Rivarola Passage

Rodolfo Rivarola Passage is a very peculiar street built in the neighborhood of San Nicolás in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has been called the mirrored street, as it is probably the only one in Buenos Aires absolutely symmetrical as regards its constructions on both paths. The passage has a twin brother in Paris, and in both cases the length is only one block.

Its construction began in 1924. It was owned by the insurance company “La Rural”, founded in 1894 and the project for its building was commissioned to architects Petersen, Thiele and Cruz.

In 1926, the construction of the passage and the eight buildings in it were totally completed.

An odd highlight of this street is an old watch shop called “La Chacarita de los Relojes”, which houses a specimen collection visited by antique dealers from all over the world. An antique clock on its outside indicates its situation.

One last detail, the four buildings that are located on the four corners of the passage have a domed apartment with a viewpoint.

Pasaje Rivarola Ciudad de Buenos Aires

El Pasaje Rivarola al momento de su construccion

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