The Iberá Wetlands – Travel tips

Esteros del Ibera

The Iberá Wetlands are a vast floodplain covering between 15,000 and 25,000 km² of the province of Corrientes. The area has a varied animal population: marsh deer, pampas deer, capybaras, maned wolves, broad-snouted caimans, yellow anacondas, river otters, howler monkeys, as well as a large variety of birds and fishes, like dorados, armados, surubí, pacus, mojarras, trahiras and piranhas. And the flora is amazing! Aquatic plants and water poppies shape authentic floating islands of water weeds which perturb the geography of the swamps.

Established since 1983 as a Natural Provincial Reserve, it is the largest protected area in Argentina.


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Choosing your accommodation carefully is essential, as once there, it is in the lodgings where you will find a solution to every issue: outings, meals, walks, etc. In general, lodges offer very complete packages, including all the outings and meals.

Some accommodations we recommend: Rincón del Socorro – Aguape Lodge – Posada de la Laguna – Puerto Valle – Hotel de Esteros.

Activities: Boat, canoe or kayak trips, horseback riding, guided walks, bird watching, fishing and many others.

Travel seasons: Winter is the best time to visit the park. Although the flora is not at its prime (springtime would be better), insect related complications are less serious. Besides, during the summer, midday hours are impossible!


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How long you should stay: Two or three nights are necessary to admire the beauty of the place, enjoy some activities and compensate the length of the journey to reach there.

How to get there: Be it by plane through an Aerolíneas Argentinas flight to Posadas, by coach through Flechabus company to Mercedes or, finally, via the car alternative, all three choices have a complication, which is the intricate gravel road to Pellegrini.


·         Bring cash, as there are no banks or ATMs!!

·         There are no gas stations in town.

·         Bring some repellent and sun cream.

If you are taking any medication, you’d better bring it from home!


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