August Festivals – Pachamama in Salta

In August take place the 18th National Party of Andean Pachamama in Salta, Argentine Province. Is a tribute of thanks, native peoples do to “Mother Earth”. Take advantage and visit:

Train to the Clouds, an international tourist icon: The most amazing mountain railway in the world. 



Cachi a town maintained over time. Cachi is one of the most beautiful villages in the Calchaquíes Valleys. These valleys conform a culture, scenery and production combo that makes the place unique in the world.



Cachi - Cuesta del Obispo -Salta Argentina

Cachi – Cuesta del Obispo -Salta Argentina

Cafayate and Valles Calchaquies: Polychrome stunning landscapes, vineyards, wineries and Calchaquí Indigenous Art Museum.

Cafayate is the Cradle of Torrontés, the most typical wine of Salta

Ciudad de Cafayate - Salta - Argentina

Ciudad de Cafayate – Salta – Argentina

Salta Argentina

Salta Argentina

Wine Cafayate - Salta Argentina

Wine Cafayate – Salta Argentina

Great Salinas, an enormous white desert that shines under the Puna sun that constitutes an authentic surrealist scene. Not only will you observe the autochthonous fauna of the place, but also a resto-bar under construction. Both its walls and furniture will be exclusively made of salt, and it will be only fed by solar energy.

Salar  Grande  - Salta -Argentina

Salar Grande – Salta -Argentina


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