Floralis Generica, a must flower in BsAs


Floralis Generica

The enormous metal flower blooms new each day in a pool of water next to the National Museum of Fine Arts, revealing four long stamens inside. Its six 13-meter-long petals open, which takes about 20 minutes, in the morning and slowly close again at sunset, mimicking the actions of a real flower. When the petals are closed, the 18 ton flower is 75 feet tall and 52 feet wide, and when blossomed this amazing man-made flora is an incredible 105 feet wide.

The constructed flower reflects the city around it in the aluminum of its petals. When the petals close at night, the flower glows red. On just four nights of the year, the petals of the Floralis Generica remain open: May 25, September 21, December 24, and 31, keeping Buenos Aires in bloom all night long. Designed by Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano, the Floralis Generica, a giant silver flower, has been a striking city landmark since it opened in 2002.

Shortly after its inauguration, the flower broke because a storm forced its petals, and broke the mechanism. On Wednesday June 10, 2015, the Floralis Generic regained the opening and closing movements. Besides the interior lights and the environment were renewed and a wind sensor was added so as to close the flower during a storm

It is a must for tourists and those who are not.

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