History of Caminito

Caminito (located in the neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires) was at first a deviation of General Roca Railroad. The railway branch ceased operations in 1954. Almost immediately, a group of neighbors suggested that the City acquired those lands which by that time had become a wasteland. The City hall approved the project and soon the street became an open air museum.

The street’s name is a tribute to the tango song ‘Caminito’, written by composer Juan de Dios Filiberto, a close friend of artist Quinquela Martín’s.

The colors of the tenement houses: In all cases Quinquela Martín himself said which color palette should be used on the façades. His applied the following method: he would take a black and white photograph of the façades and then paint them with the colors he considered appropriate. Some of these photographs have survived the pass of time, allowing the La Boca Foundation to give back to the façades their original colors.


  1. Julio Elmar Vargas

    É muito difícil comentar o Bairro Caminito. A sua beleza é muito especial. Pode -se sim, observa-lo e por alguns momentos, fazer parte de sua história, mesmo como visitante.

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