Gardens Hotels in Buenos Aires

Jardines con Estilo - L´Hotel Palermo

Jardines con Estilo – L´Hotel Palermo

The Best Hotel Gardens in Buenos Aires, most of them are located in Palermo, favorite neighborhood of boutique designers, art galleries and renowned restaurants.

1555 Malabia House. Three mini gardens add up to one charming oasis

Home Hotel: A verdant patch and a heated pool make for much more an ordinary backyard

Jardin Escondido: Breakfast after a leafy canopy on the upper level of this two-storey hidden garden

Mine Hotel Boutique Dominated by an attractive pool, this is a seriously hip outdoor hang out

L´Hotel Palermo: This hotel evokes the charm of the French Provence with intimate balconies and lush gardens.

Mine Hotel

Mine Hotel

Jardin Escondido

Jardin Escondido

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