Kayak among Icebergs

If you have already strolled the footbridges of Perito Moreno Glacier, done the mini trekking and sailed the Argentino Lake, then maybe you should try a new, thrilling way to enjoy the Glaciers: kayaking amid the icebergs of Glacier Upsala. The full day Upsala Kayak Experience is suitable for over 16s and requires no previous rowing experience. The voyage starts with the boarding of Ferry Janet at Punta Bandera Harbor, on which, as it sails the Argentino Lake, fauna and flora references and a delicious breakfast are offered. Upon arrival the explorers receive some basic kayaking instructions from our guides, mainly on how to sit properly, rowing techniques and safety measures. All the equipment is included. Always with one guide ahead, a group of not more than 6 people sails along the Upsala canal intending to gradually approach the icebergs that have tumbled from the Glacier and float on the lake. If any of the voyagers fall from the kayak there is no danger at all: the wetsuits are so good that they won’t allow a single drop of water in and will insulate the wearer from the cold.

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