9 de Julio Avenue is the widest avenue in the world?

The average citizen of the city of Buenos Aires believes that 9 de Julio Avenue is the widest avenue in the world but, is it really so?

The recognized Guinness Book of World Records supported the proclamation of 9 de Julio Avenue as the longest (widest) in the world but, unfortunately, in 2006 it withdrew this award without further explanations and granted it to the Monumental Axis in Brasilia, connecting the Council Square and the Three Powers Square.

Eje Monumental - Brasilia

Eje Monumental – Brasilia

Figures are self-evident, as the Monumental Axis in the Brazilian capital is 250 meters wide, therefore leaving our 9 de Julio Avenue, with its 140 meters, behind.

However, if you need consolation, you can always find it on the Internet, where there is plenty of debate in specialized forums disregarding the world record and questioning the definition of “avenue”. A mere look at a photograph would reveal they the Monumental Axis is a very special “avenue”. In fact, it is made up of two six lane highways (the N-1 and the S-1) divided by a large central park. Therefore, in principle, it does not meet the requirements to be considered an avenue, according to the statistical glossary of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Avneida 9 de Julio - Buenos Aire

Avenida 9 de Julio – Buenos Aires


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