The Ghost House in La Boca


In the neighborhood of La Boca, in the City of Buenos Aires, in the triangle formed by streets Almirante  Brown, Benito Pérez Galdós and Wenceslao Villafañe, a peculiar building rises, called by its neighbors “The Ghost House”.

The Building was designed in 1908 by Frenchman Gustavo Lignac and caused great impact in the society of those times as it was built on a trapezoidal perimeter. But what grabs our attention most is the fact that at first sight the house looks like a little castle on top of which emerges a tower resembling the rook of the game of chess.  Actually, the tower hides a water tank, the first one in the neighborhood.

An urban legend says that the spirit of a painter, whose name was Clementina, wanders the corridors of the old building. Maybe the legend would be easily ignored, if it wasn’t for its owners, who insist on the truth of those noises…

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