The Faculty of Engineering and its peculiar resemblance to a Gothic Church


How many people may have thought that the building located at the corner of Las Heras with Azcuénaga street in Buenos Aires is a church?

Actually, many of those who know that it houses the School of Engineering, imagine extravagant stories, for example, that the building was not finished because the architect got wrong calculations and as a result he committed suicide

The true story is this one: In 1909, architect Prins, won the competition to build the School of Law (afterwards the School of Engineering). He chose a Louis XIV style, but the Faculty decided to change it for a Gothic style. The architect started working on this project in 1910 and the School was opened in 1925 but it wasn’t finished due to financial problems as the subsequent administrations refused to award Prins more money to finish his work.

In 1938, his work was put off indefinitely, Prins dying a natural death the following year.

Although the building could not be completed for reasons totally unrelated to Prins, the building is completely solid and without structural problems.

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