Nightlife and food of Argentina, the best of South America

Night & Food

Night & Food

Article published by top selling Argentine newspaper Clarín

Argentina is perceived as the country with the best food and the best nightlife in the region, according to a survey carried out by an international consulting firm. Argentina got the first place in the gastronomy and nightlife assessment, in the view of the two thousand tourists asked. As for its gastronomy, Argentina prevailed over Peru and Brazil and this achievement ratifies the results of a recent survey carried out by British magazine Restaurant, where Argentina appeared as the country with the most restaurants ranking in the region’s top 50 (15 out of 50). As far as nightlife goes, our country was above Brazil and Mexico in the visitors’ preferences.
The survey collected information from people who had travelled to the country at least once in the last year and measured the perception and the image foreign visitors have of each place. It was conducted by Future Brand, a consulting firm specializing in country brand strategies, i.e, by people dedicated to detecting the strengths of each country or region and promoting them to appeal the tourist industry. In the Argentine case, the highlights were found in the Tourism category, a field where Argentina is second only to Brazil.
Future Brand manager, Gustavo Konidszer, explains: “The Argentine nightlife, particularly in Buenos Aires, remains unsurpassed in the view of foreign visitors. There are permanent references to the cultural life, the theater activity”. In the opinion of stage producer Javier Faroni, Buenos Aires is amongst the top 5 theater capitals in the world. In the words of Faroni: “It’s a luxury we, the Argentinians, have. Variety Show Theater is a strong identity mark, something closely linked to Argentina. Tango shows are also very popular. Frequent visitors put the stress on the generous offer of unconventional theater activities”.  
“We have great restaurants and great cooks here. There are highly skilled professionals”, acknowledges Italian cook Daniele Pinna, from La Locanda restaurant. Pinna, who has been living in Buenos Aires for three years and a half now, says that foreign visitors praise the variety of proposals and the wide timetable range when arranging a night out. “Those who come eat at any of my restaurants then go to a tango show. Or otherwise they come from the theater and then dine here”, Pinna argues.
“I’d say there are two foreigner profiles. The Brazilians go for the classics. They have dinner in Puerto Madero and they see shows in traditional places, while the Europeans, the Asians and the Americans dare to explore more. They go to El Obrero, in La Boca, or see tango at La Catedral”, says Juan Aznarez, the editor of Planeta Joy, a gastronomy, food and beverage website. The secret of success may be in variety: “When you go to a place where you can find those things that you also have at home you feel closer to that place and you probably appreciate it more”, says Aznarez.


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