Nice places where you can have breakfast

It is important to start our breakfast with dairies, like cheese and yogurt and to include cereals, like oatmeal or corn flakes, bread (preferably wholemeal) and fruit. If we combine these three food groups we’ll have a complete and energetic breakfast. Here, five good places where you can enjoy delicious healthy breakfasts.

Croque Madame
A tiny bistro located at the entrance of the Museum of Decorative Arts displaying a bunch of tables in a beautiful cobblestone garden full of plants. They specialize in butter browned ham and Gruyere cheese croques (the typical French sandwiches after which the place is named) with a poached egg on top. They also serve a delicious white coffee with croissants and orange juice or toast with homemade jam and cream cheese. Scones, biscotti, cookies, puddings, homemade cakes and ham and cheese stuffed croissants are also offered.
Opens every day from 10 to 24hs. | Av. del Libertador 1902, Recoleta. Tel.: 4806 8639| www.croquemadame.com.ar

Le pain quotidien
A Belgian bakery born fifteen years ago in Brussels today turned into a chain with over 200 branches in 18 countries, including Buenos Aires, with its four shops. It specializes in handicraft confectionery and hand kneaded organic bread and serves incredible breakfasts of tea or Colombian coffee, natural fruit juice, assorted breads served with butter and homemade jams, organic honey, dulce de leche and a croissant or pain au chocolat. The bakery also serves very good lunches and brunches.
Opens from Monday to Friday from 8 to 21, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 9 to 21hs. | Jerónimo Salguero 3075, Palermo. Tel.: 4807 2098| www.lepainquotidien.com

La Argentina
Another classic bakery of the neighborhood of Belgrano, with seven branches and over one hundred years of history, which serves French style pastries and cakes with modern touches and high quality products. A special place for your breakfast due to its 100% butter croissants, its selection of breads (mignons, rosettes, plain and flavored baguettes, Figazza, etc), its miga sandwiches and other treats like the soufflé meringue cake, the grapefruit cheesecake or the choco orange (chocolate marquise), not to mention its handicraft extra fruit panettone.
Opens every day from 7 to 21hs. | Av. Forest 1502, Belgrano. Tel. 4555 6888| www.clargentina.com.ar

La trufa
This country style café where you can also get your groceries and bakeries to go opened almost two years ago in the neighborhood of Colegiales. Its breakfast includes an infusion (loose leaf tea or coffee), freshly squeezed fruit juice, yoghurt with fruit and granola, country style bread with butter and jams and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. All treats are high quality. In its cheerful atmosphere and gourmet tone, the café also offers abundant brunches and lunches with different kinds of pasta, tarts, salads and a large assortment of natural juices.
Opens every day from 8 to 20hs | Av. Álvarez Thomas 869, Colegiales. Tel.: 4554 9434| www.almacenlatrufa.com

Le Blé
At the junction of Álvarez Thomas with Céspedes is a French style café that opened in 2008 and today boasts twelve branches. The café’s Central European confectionery is outstanding and its breakfasts and snacks include chocolate bread, muffins, croissants, tartlets, puddings, French toast, cheese, homemade jam and a huge 500ml cup of coffee with milk or a Fénix hot chocolate submarino. In addition, almost every day, from 7 PM on, the café sells the bakery leftovers at a half price (depending on stock).
Opens from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 to 20hs | Av. Álvarez Thomas 899, Colegiales. Tel.: 4554 5350| www.leble.com.ar

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