MAAM – High Mountain Archaeological Museum-Salta

Museo Arqueologico de Alta Montaña

We could say that is one of the main stops of Salta City. It is a modern museum, very interesting and It tells us an surprising story

The MAAM occupie a mid 19th century historical building located on the main square of the city of Salta. The High Mountain Archaeological Museum (MAAM [Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña) was opened on 18th November, 2004. It was created to preserve, study and make public the find of the “Children from the Llullaillaco”, one of the most important archaeological finds in the last years.

These three children were found in March, 1999 frozen atop the Llullaillaco volcano, at 6,700 metres high. Next to them, lay 146 objects that made up their layette. The studies carried out revealed that they lived over 500 years ago, during the boom of the Inca state, but before the arrival of the Spaniards. During the visit to the Museum, one learns why, when and how these burials were carried out.

It is one of the most modern museums in Argentina and it is worth a visit.

Momia Museo Arqueologico segun contexto

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