The Ischigualasto Provincial Park or Moon Valley

The Ischigualasto Provincial Park or Moon Valley, located in the far north of the Province of San Juan, is a celebrated scientific area, as it treasures a magnificent paleontological reserve. It is one of the few places in the world where we can look into the whole of the Triassic period in a complete and orderly manner. It is believed that the geological formations in this site date back to between 180 and 230 million years.

The park features an exotic landscape, where the lack of vegetation and the varied hues in its soils, together with the fanciful shapes of its hills, make the site a must see for both domestic and foreign tourists. In spite of being a scientific site, the park can be toured by car led by a Park ranger, who makes stops to explain what can be seen. The excursion lasts approximately 3 hours and bike rides are also offered. At its base an interpretation centre is located, which operates as a museum.

This provincial park was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco on 29th November, 2000.

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