Lanin Passage

Pasaje Lanin

Have you been to this picturesque passage in Buenos Aires?

Lanín Street is located in the neighborhood of Barracas, in the south of Buenos Aires.

Short and winding, it presents the particularity of being a permanent exhibition of urban art based on an idea by artist Marino Santa María. The project, which was inaugurated on 19th April 2001, covers Lanín Street from Brandsen Street to Suárez Avenue, and consisted in painting the fronts of its houses with vertical, horizontal and undulating shapes, taking into account the original styles and colors of the buildings.

The fronts were painted in a predominance of primary colors, and intending to be consistent with the architectural style of each house. Lanín Passage residents supported the initiative and some even painted up the façades of their homes, changed the sidewalks and increased the lighting to be in line and make the street look even better.

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