Why are all the streets of Puerto Madero named after women?

One of the most obvious and distinctive features of the neighbourhood of Puerto Madero, in the City of Buenos Aires, is its urban nomenclature. All its streets are named after women who left their footprint in the history and culture of both our country and Latin America. It is not by chance that 8th March, International Women’s Day, is the neighbourhood’s day too.

In 1995, the former City Council instructed to name all the streets of the new-sprung neighbourhood of Puerto Madero after those women who shaped Argentine and Latin American history. This provision was the result of the sessions of the 1994 constitutional reform, which set the grounds not only for the debate aimed at preventing all sorts of discrimination against women and at honouring them their long overdue recognition, but also to a reconsideration of the issue, which in turn gave birth to these streets reminding us of the stature of these talented, committed and devoted women who exalt the gender.

Note: Although the best-known bridge in Puerto Madero is called “Women’s Bridge”, it actually depicts a couple dancing the tango.

Hay muchas mujeres en Puerto Madero

Hay muchas mujeres en Puerto Madero

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