It is convenient to study in Argentina?

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But perhaps your are wondering….Why it is so convenient to study in Argentina? According to a BBC World publication issued in May 2013, these are the reasons:

One of the best-known universities in Latin America
According to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking, together with the Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Sao Paulo, the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) remains one of the three most renowned universities in Latin America. To that sense, Perdigurés confirms that 49% of its foreign student population at UBA comes mostly from Mercosur countries and that Medicine and Social Science and Philosophy are the most popular careers.

The online issue of Colombian newspaper El Espectador stated that many citizens from that country choose Argentina for cost reasons.
“While in a State university in Colombia a master’s degree course may cost about 20 million Colombian pesos (US$ 10,700), in Buenos Aires the expense may be more than 50% lower”, explained the newspaper.

Migration Facilities
The news website also highlighted the “immigration regulation facilities” in Argentina. Liz Olave, a 36 year old Colombian who’s studying a PhD in Political Science in the Argentine capital, said to BBC World that, in fact, the immigration legislation in Argentina is a great incentive for the students from her country who have difficulty to get visas or permits in other parts of the world, especially in the United States and Europe.
“Thanks to the Mercosur agreements, it is relatively easy to get a temporary residence permit in Argentina, which allows you to work legally within the country”, she said.

Other Factors
The Argentine State University does not have an admission test, but a compulsory “common basic cycle” to be passed along the first year of studies to go ahead in the course.
The academic offerings, especially as far as humanistic careers go, represent a factor that is repeatedly mentioned when students give the reasons why they chose to come to study in Argentina.
But something that is underlined by everybody is the cultural charm of the South American country.

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