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Health and beauty issues

  •  Aesthetic, facial, body and hair medicine
    • These treatments are performed by physicians of proven aptitude.
    • Cell therapy: It consists of a series of medical-biological treatments intended to revitalize the body and modify chronic degenerative diseases and growth disorders. Its efficacy lies in the incorporation by the receptors of cell like molecules disguised as simple biochemical groups. With this proceeding one can prevent, delay and reduce the processes associated to some diseases, as weel as strengthen tissue, favour the production of new, healthier cells and promote the purification of the body through the stimulation of the organs in charge of detoxification. One of the most evident effects is the increase in the responses of the immune system.
    • Absorbable implants or bioplasty: it attempts to bring back the volume lost along ageing and bring back a very natural rejuvination. It is performed both on the facial or on the body. It’s mainly indicated in cases of:
    • Face wrinkes
    • Lip volume
    • Cheek volume
    • Wrinkles between eyebrows
    • Nose tip correction or alteration of nasal septum defects
    • Periorbital wrinkles
    • Facial contour
    • Acne or scar tissue
    • Facial atrophies or asymmetries
    • IPL facial photorejuvenation: A non invasive treatment that uses a wide band Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which allows the effective resolution of the erythema and flushing response, as well as hyperpigmentation and facial hair, also providing a noticeable improvement in photoaged skin. It’s mainly indicated in cases of:
    • Erythema
    • Flushing response
    • Rosacea
    • Sun damage to the skin
    • Pigmentation problems
    • Torn or rough looking skin and enlarged pores
    • Acne scars
    • o As a treatment to recover skin freshness
    • o Radiofrequency: this treatment produces a deep heating that affects the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, this heating favours:
    • o A tighter skin
    • o The formation of new collagen
    • o Lymphatic drainage
    • o Increased blood circulation
    • o Rejuvenation of treated area
    • o Botox: The butolinic toxin paralyzes the muscle fibers where it is temporarily inoculated (for 4 to 6 months). It’s indicated for:
    • o Wrinkles between the eyebrows
    • o Periorbicular wrinkles (crow’s feet)
    • o Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
    • o Hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration of soles, palms or armpits)
    • o Plaquette-rich plasma – PRP. It helps regulate: The remodeling of the epidermis and the dermis, which greatly influences the appearance and texture of the skin. The use of PRP allows a riskless treatment using the patient’s own tissue (centrifugated blood). Interventions can be performed on an outpatient basis.
    • o Facial and corporal mesotherapy: It consists of the injection of small painless, non-traumatic doses of regenerative biochemical complexes which stimulate the local and general functions of the body.
  • Odontology
    • Whitening:
      Strictly speaking, the technique does not consist of a “whitening” of the tooth, but of a clearing, as the natural color of the tooth is not altered. Tooth color is determined, since our birth, by the tone of the tooth core. The color of the tooth core is never unaltered while, with time, different coloring substances gradually stain the tooth enamel. Therefore, dental whitening consists of the removal from the enamel, by means of chemical substances, of all the particles that alter its original color.
      The efficacy of the treatment depends on the degree of the staining on the teeth that have been darkened along the years by coloring substances.
      As regards the duration of the whitening effect, it basically depends on the dietary habits of the patient after the treatment. So, on a smoker who drinks wine and coffee regularly, the whitening effect will be lost more quickly. However, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), after 5 years, only 20 per cent of the cases considered had slightly lost the achieved tone.

      Aesthetic Restorations
      In the case of small or medium sized cavities, the teeth may be easily restored. These restorations may be performed in a conservative manner, with materials that are applied in just one session, without needing to resort to more complex and costly lab techniques. There are a great range of resistant and aesthetic materials which allow high quality restorations.

      The pulp is the soft tissue located inside the tooth. Its function is to nourish the tooth and give it vitality. When, for any reason, (deep cavities, trauma or periodontal disease) this pulp is damaged, it must be removed and replaced with a material that takes its place and seals the root canal.
      Thanks to this procedure many teeth, that not long ago would have been removed, are conserved.

      Implants work as artificial dental roots. On top the implants an abutment is placed, which will hold the crown replacing the lost tooth.
      To this purpose, pure titanium implants are used, as this material is tolerated by the body with no problems. The intervention is painless and the subsequent recovery is fast.

      Deep dental cleaning
      Deep dental cleaning is a procedure that is used to treat gum disease, like gingivitis and periodontal disease. The procedure is not surgical and is performed under local anesthesia. The dentist removes the plaque and the rust located above and below the gum line and then polishes the jagged parts of the teeth. At doing so, not only are bacteria removed but also an even surface is provided for the gums to rejoin the teeth. Besides, this procedure contributes to the reduction of the depth of periodontal pockets, which in turn contributes to the reunion of the gums and the tooth surface. If you suffer from a periodontal disease, a deep dental cleaning may increase your chances of conserving your natural teeth. It also reduces the risk of suffering from serious health problems deriving from this disease.

      Muscle relaxation plates – Bruxism
      Treatment – Occlusal planes: These are acrylic plates covering the occlusal (biting) surfaces of all the teeth at a time. There are several designs available, depending on the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment. In general, they are designed to prevent the excessive wearing down of the teeth. They also reduce the damage caused by the clenching of the teeth at nighttime and contribute to the relaxation of the muscles. In severe cases, they must also be worn during daytime.