An unknown place of Argentina, Taton Dunes

Dunas de Taton - Taton Dunes Catamarca Argentina

Duna de Taton – Dakar

Dunas de Taton - Taton Dunes Catamarca Argentina

Dunas de Taton – Dakar

Dunes abound in the outskirts of Fiambala (Catamarca, Argentine Province). It is enough to drive north 10 km along Provincial Route 34 to find Sajuil, where every traveller can do SandBoard.

But the Taton Dunes are in the major leagues: kilometers and kilometers of dunes go up and down the mountains. So much so that it is one of the spots of choice of the Dakar Rally. This is one of the weirdest and most magnetic of all landscapes hidden in the North of the country for those willing to discover them.

Three pieces of advine: go at dusk, bring water, and beware of pirouttes.

Starting out of Medanitos, Provincial Route 135, arrives at Taton after just 30km.Upgraded gravel.

When to go: all the year, taking to account that is very hot in summer. Road blockades due to summer flooding are a possibility

Dunas de Taton

Dunas de Taton

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