An enigmatic house in the Coast River of Buenos Aires

Have you ever wondered what that little house that can be seen in the waters of the river from the North Boardwalk of Buenos Aires is? What’s its purpose? Why is it there?

The idea of building this house emerged after the epidemics of cholera and yellow fever 140 years ago. By that time the risk of drinking contaminated water or being in contact with it was high as this favored the spread of the two epidemics that left behind14,000 fatalities. That was the reason for the building of what is now seen in the distance as an enigmatic house. It was part of a project in 1874, aimed at providing drinking water to 400,000 people.

The original intention was to take water from the river and send it to the treatment plant. The idea had a short life due to the expansion of the population in Buenos Aires. Currently this building can be seen 900 yards offshore.

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