One of the oldest houses in Buenos Aires: Elorriaga Heights


Built between 1812 and 1820, Elorriaga Heights is the oldest two-storied dwelling house still standing in Buenos Aires. The name “Elorriaga Heights” refers precisely to the fact that the house has two storeys and was owned, at the time of being built, by Juan Bautista Elorriaga.
The house is located in the neighbourhood of Monserrat, at the corner of Defensa with Alsina and is one of the few still standing in Buenos Aires that have no chamfered corners and also one of the first built in the post-colonial period. As the custom was in those days, the ground floor was destined to shops and the first floor to dwellings.
The rooms surrounded large internal patios. An important feature of this house is that it has a mirador, used to contemplate the river landscape, which could be easily viewed as there weren’t so many buildings. Few houses with mirador remain in Buenos Aires.
Attached to it there is another very old two-storied house. This one is called Ezcurra Heights, as there lived María Josefa Ezcurra, who was the sister of Encarnación Ezcurra, Juan Manuel de Rosas’s wife and said to have had an affair with Manuel Belgrano.
Both houses are located at the corner of Alsina with Defensa, a historic corner of the City of Buenos Aires.

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